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Businesses around the world are looking for ways to grow. They strive to find a good offshore or remote team, one that can be delegated some of their essential tasks and allow them to scale easily, reduce costs, and reduce risks. Offshore or remote dedicated teams are a long-term way for businesses to outsource specific tasks. This can be done by hiring an entire team of specialists who does their job with excellence and expertise, knowing that this will last the duration of your business's need. If you want a dedicated development team that is employed to fulfill a project for your company, High Yield Services helps you find a remote dedicated Development Team that would be working remotely and full-time. You can hire a development team for your client’s project or for your own company. They have an extensive list of certified developers with over 10 years of experience in their field who are available 24/7 ready to take on any type of job from anything ranging from website design, mobile app development, software programming, and much more!

Benefits of Hiring an Outsourced Development Team

There are benefits to hiring an outsourced Development Team if he/she is hired through a credible outsourcer such as High Yield Services. We ensure that the Development Team is highly competent and runs all the operations professionally and successfully. The benefits of hiring a Development Team include the following factors:

  • Cost-Effective

  • Unbiased perspective

  • Adds Value to the Project

  • Share Risk with the Outsourcer

Cost-Effective Pricing

When you work with an outsourced dev team, the one that has a solid track record and is trustworthy, and has professional, experienced, and credible team members, the cost of hiring is lower as you are not responsible for the benefits, appraisals, payroll taxes, recruitment, termination, and other HR processes. Moreover, when you hire an outsourced team, many times they belong to countries that have a low cost of living which ultimately benefits you as it doesn’t cost you as much as in the case of an in-house team.

Improves Project’s Performance

When an outsourced dedicated development team is hired, it is ensured that the team has all the expertise and knowledge about the respective team that they are hired for. This makes it easier to work together on your project, while also having the ability to share and grow this specialized expertise over time. The main purpose of the team is to provide excellent outcomes and ensure customer satisfaction.

Reduce or Mitigate Risk

When it comes to hiring an outsourced dedicated development team, the major risk is hiring an incompetent team which would cost you more in the long run because you'll spend money and waste time fixing their mistakes. If a company wants to avoid such a situation and reduce the risk of ending up with an incompetent team, it is essential that they take help from a company that helps them find a competent and professional development team. High Yield Services is one of the companies that would make sure that you do not face such a situation and has a credible team.

Saves Time and Energy

If you hire a dedicated offshore or remote development team, it is a comparatively easier process for your company as compared to building your in-house team. It is because your HR department doesn’t have to run a recruitment process and handle the candidates which includes a long interviewing and screening process. Moreover, there is not a hustle to handle all HR and compliance issues ( benefits, and appraisals, sick leaves, vacations, etc.). Moreover, there is not a need to manage their everyday work as if you hire a dev team through High Yield Services, we’ll be managing your hired dev team.

High-Quality Products

When you work with a dedicated offshore or remote dedicated dev team, the products and services are of high quality in comparison to those products or services built by in-house teams. It is because a dedicated development team has experience, knowledge, and confidence because of working on multiple projects together. They have systems in place, methodologies they follow, and know-how to work with clients to translate their ideas into high-quality products which makes them highly competent resulting in creating higher quality outcomes.

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